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Gamca Pakistan-Wafid Pakistan is only responsible for the online appointments issued by us.

تمام لوگوں کو مطلع کیا جاتاہے کہ ہماری کوئی برانچ یا ایجٹ نہیں ہے اس لئے کوشیش کریں کہ ٹوکن سلپ آن لائن ہی حاصل کریں
آن لائن سسٹم آپ لوگوں کی سہولت کے لئےمتعارف کیا گیا ہے اس سے فائدہ اٹھاتے ہوئے فراڈ لوگوں سے بچیں۔
گیمکا پاکستان ایک لائسنس شدہ ادارہ ہے جو اپنے کلائنٹس کو میڈیکل سے متعلقہ تمام معلومات فراہم کرتا ہے

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چیک میڈیکل آن لائن



Welcome to Gamca-Wafid Pakistan

Gamca-Wafid Medical Online Appointments | GAMCA-Wafid Slip | Medical Appointment | Gulf Health Council in Pakistan

From 1st April 2018, GAMCA has opted for online medical slip generators and payment methods. The Candidates can log onto the GAMCA website and generate their own medical slip for the medical check up by means of online payment, or they can take our service which comes up to 4000*. The website will provide you assistance with the name and address of the medical center that will conduct your medical check up. is one of the leading online service providers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE/Dubai to get appointment for pre-departure medical examination at GCC approved medical centers. We are doing online appointment services for Gamca pre departure medical check up for gcc countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Bahrain. With our convenient online booking service, booking an appointment is easy and can be done at any time.40

Gulf Health Council Gamca-Wafid Medical Centers in Pakistan

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  • Bahrain

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  • Kuwait

  • Qatar

How it works? Easy.

Book your Medical Appointment in few minutes.

Fill Form

Fill form with appropriate information to avoid any mistakes.

Make Payment

Please make internet banking payment or deposit cash to any of our bank accounts (Payment accepted in any branch in Pakistan). 

Appointment Done

We will send you the registration/appointment slip in PDF format by email and WhatsApp. Usually, it will be done within 30 mins of receiving payment. 

Slip Validity

The Medical Centre Slip is valid for 30 days from the date it is generated and can be used on any day excluding Saturday and Sundays and some public holidays.

گیمکا سلپ 30 دن کے لئے کارآمد ہے, سلپ ایشو ہونے کےبعد آپ 21 دن میں کسی بھی دن جا سکتے ہیں, ہفتہ اتوار چھٹی ہو گی, میڈیکل کروانے سے کم از کم ایک یا 2 دن پہلے سلپ ضرور لے لیجئے تاکہ پریشانی سے بچ سکیں

میڈیکل سنٹر پے اصلی پاسپورٹ شناختی کارڈ اور ان کی کاپی, فوٹو اور کرونا ویکسین سرٹیفیکیٹ لے جائیں, کسی بھی ٹیسٹ میں مسئلہ ہونے کی صورت میں رپیٹ کروانے سے پہلے ڈاکٹر سے مشورہ ضرور کر لیں
کوئی بھی جسمانی مسئلہ, عمر پوری نہ ہونا, ویزا کا مسئلہ ہو تو پہلے آگاہ کریں سلپ جاری ہونے کے بعد ادارہ کسی قسم کے نقصان کا ذمہ دار نہ ہو گا
ایشو ہونے کے بعد سلپ  کینسل,شہر کی تبدیلی یا سنٹر تبدیل نہیں کیا جا سکتا

Examination Areas

Physical Examination
X-Ray Examination
Blood Examination

Unfit Criteria

Infectious Diseases

1. HIV positives (AIDS)

2. Hepatitis (B) Surface Antigen Positive

3. Hepatitis C Antibody – Positive

4. Microfilaria and Malaria

5. Leprosy

6. Any abnormal chest X-ray manifestations, but not limited to:

a. active or past evidence of T.B.

b. Pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary calcification

c. Pleural effusion

d. Lymphadenopathy

  Non-infectious Diseases
1. Renal failure

2. Liver failure or hepatic insufficiency

3. Heart failure

4. Uncontrolled Hypertension

5. Uncontrolled diabetes

6. Different types of cancer

7. Psychiatric and neurological disorders.

8. Any distortion, amputation or physical disability impeding the applicant’s performance

9. Hemoglobin below 7g/100dl.


Gamca Medical Pakistan  Consultancy / Services

Consultation / Assistance Provided to prevent person from rejection for some medical problems

{Any person who suffered any sever disease (Hepatitis, TB, VDRL, TPHA, Viriligo, Skin allergies, body damage, weak eye sight) should not try medical examination even if he is fit now.

You may contact via WhatsApp for more info: 03463335593  –  03401258419 – 03241208100  

GAMCA Medical / Preliminary Tests, Visa & Emigration Clearance Assistance for Gulf Countries

People who should not apply
  • Check your passport expiry, it should be more than 7 month and 21 days.
  • Check if your former medical report is expired or not, if not a new medical checkup is not possible before expiry.
  • If you got an appointment and want another one for any reason, It is not possible before expiry. An appointment slip expires in 21 days from the date of issue. It cannot be re-issued from and for any region of same country.
  • Medical report for FIT persons expires in 2 months, and 2 months expiry for UNFIT. Before this period, another medical appointment is not issued.
  • Family Visa 13 Years Above Required Children's / Kids Required Medical Appointment